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2023: Nigerian youths struggling, but afraid to die – Comic, Kobokomaster

by Skynaijamusic

Nigerian best comic and sports activities analyst, Banard Gbadamosi, Aka Koboko Grasp, has stated that Nigerian youths will fail once more in 2023 in spite of the agitation that the more youthful era must take over the management of the rustic in an effort to alternate the country’s political narrative.

In an interview with DAILY POST, the comic stated it’s going to be nearly unattainable for the youths to modify the narrative on account of their mentality. He stated it’s simplest in Nigeria that the youths are struggling, but afraid to die. In step with the comic, there’s no want being afraid to die if you find yourself already residing the lifetime of a useless guy.

In step with Kobokomaster, ‘’ Are you aware what it manner to be alive, but you don’t seem to be residing? Why are the youths afraid to speculate towards the ones whose passion is to kill all folks? Why? As soon as, you will have web information to log on, however as soon as you’re offline, you’re unhappy. That’s now not existence. Other people cross to mattress depressed and get up the following morning depressed on account of the best way we’re struggling, but we can’t alternate the narrative. Election in Nigeria is like subscription. Politicians subscribe us each 4 years. My level is that till the youths are able to carry politicians answerable for the consider we gave them, issues will stay the best way they’re.

“Once more, this balloting factor isn’t running, and we want to forestall it. How are you able to be balloting somebody into energy each 4 years to oppress you? Sure, what brings those other people into energy is election and now not rebellion. What we effectively do each 4 years is that we use our personal palms to deliver to energy our oppressors, so my very own is that till we’re certain that those other people don’t seem to be our oppressors and that they’re leaders that can lend a hand us to transport to the following degree, let’s now not vote in an election.

“It is because I can’t come and stand beneath the solar to vote for my oppressors. That’s unwise. I can’t depart my area to face beneath the solar in a polling unit to shield the votes of my oppressors. I can’t. Till we’re able and certain that our determination will take us to a greater section of existence, it quantities to effort in futility.’’

Lamenting the present state of affairs even after balloting hugely two years in the past for the present govt, he stated, “Two years in the past, we voted for this govt, and right here we’re lately, going again to the similar causes we voted in a brand new govt. 2023 is sort of right here.’’

Condemning the massive amount of cash invested in elections within the nation, Kobokomaster stated, ‘’ That’s the phase that kills me maximum. Nigeria must forestall making elections too dear. If somebody needs to contest, let’s take a look at his pedigree as a substitute of permitting the incorrect other people to shop for our votes with their cash. We must forestall this stadium concept, calling musicians to accomplish at campaigns, bringing artists, printing wrappers, caps, shirts, sharing salts, onions and a bunch of alternative inducements.

”Our elections are too dear. Why would somebody spend his existence to persuade you? Why? And I believe that’s one more reason why those politicians are so corrupt. There’s a manner somebody will beg you for one thing, and after stressing him such a lot, and later agree to offer him that factor, it’s going to be tough for the individual to understand you. ‘A thanks’ might be tough on the finish. The individual will ordinarily really feel that the begging used to be sufficient appreciation. The similar applies relating to our dating with politicians.’’

Kobokomaster argued that the youths may have a voice so long as they’re upright and don’t cross about amassing cash from politicians whilst balloting. In step with him, it’s simplest then that their curses can paintings towards the ones denying them the great things of existence. ‘’Let’s forestall consuming such a lot from them all the way through campaigns,’’ he counselled.

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