Chartsworth’s resident to hold vigil as covid-19 spikes

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Since Chartsworth has been declared a covid-19 hotspot area, residents have decided to hold a vigil on Friday night.

The vigil is to highlight the need to fight the pandemic by adhering to stipulated rules.

On Sunday KwaZulu-Natal premier Sihle Zikalala named Chatsworth as one of many areas in the province that the government was worried about.

A notice has been circulating on social medical platforms calling on residents in the area of Montford to light candles and stand at their driveways between 7 and 7.30pm.

“Let’s stand united as a community in the fight against Covid-19,” the notice read.

Last week, residents in Moorton, an area in Chatsworth, lit candles and lanterns outside their homes and prayed for a woman who died from the virus. It was the first town to record Covid-19 death in SA.

The vigil is also to show support for residents who were infected and self-isolating at home.

Community activist Visvin Reddy said Chatsworth was in “crisis”.

“We have been warned that infections would peak during this time. Chatsworth is a hotspot area and the virus is spreading rapidly. Just today the autopsy results of someone I knew showed that he was positive with Covid-19. It is terrifying,” said Reddy

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