DJ Maphorisa heeds to Mzansi’s advice, cleans up kitchen

DJ maphorisa 3  300x202 - DJ Maphorisa heeds to Mzansi’s advice, cleans up kitchen

DJ Maphorisa has decided to please those who trolled him concerning his kitchen which they claim is too small and dirty for a wealthy person.

However, DJ Maphorisa heed to their advice and words as it was seen he posted a new picture of a better-looking kitchen.

When DJ Maphorisa posted an innocent picture of himself in his kitchen, he did not expect Mzansi social media users to tear him apart.

The thing on everyone’s mind was the fact that he had such a small kitchen for someone with so much wealth, but it didn’t stop there, fans focused on the smaller details, dirty cupboards and the lack of a dishwasher.

Others were concerned that the music producer didn’t have even one SMEG product.

The bullying obviously got to Phori because he took to social media on Tuesday afternoon, 28 July to post his new kitchen and to say that he’s fixed it. The kitchen looked much cleaner and even had some SMEG products.

Social media users had mixed reactions about the new appliances.

Twitter user Robzinterris said: “I see you went to Somizi awuzama ka di SMEG bafanas… Congrats”

Isalokotshelwa said: “Why do you only use two plates?”

Llimaz said: “Oksalayo you need cupboards.”

Kgosi_yaBakwena said: “Even with all the money and success, you still have self-esteem issues? Always have to prove yourself to people? You still have a long way to go Phori.”

Thabo_Tshisi said: “I saw this SMEG, same colour ko Bree Street maabane.”

Others kept trolling him by noticing other things wrong with the kitchen. One social media user asked if rats were eating the cupboard doors while another user questioned why there was so little cereal in the container.

DJ Shimza weighed in on the drama by saying:

“You’ll never win on this app Phori. Ai…”

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