Moonchild Sanelly – “What I stand for isn’t selling s*x”



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Moonchild Sanelly had a long conversation with fans on s*x, which attracted mixed feelings.

The singer speaks on the imortance of giving kids s*x education.

“Instead of hiding me ,u should start conversations Coz life is gonna happen whether u like it or not! Kids have sex, then have no one to talk to coz u have instilled fear and tagged sex as a bad thing leading to curiosity without education!” she said.

Some tweeps tackled her, which made Moonchild come straight about her stand on s*x.

“There’s different things to talk about and a lot First hurdle was letting u know that what I stand for isn’t selling sex When we get passed that ,we can go to next! I’m not saying people must have sex,im saying if u do, be liberated in it,” Sanelly said to the tweep.

Moonchild has always been a stan of freedom on s*x and body. She cares-less of what the public have to say and she’s urged other women to embrace their body.

The singer flaunts her body and has showed off her bum while twerking countless time. She did on national TV some times last year.

So, all of these ain’t new to fans.

The star also mentioned plans of having a strip club, but after lots of months, it seem the plan has gone beneath the carpet.


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