Nathi Mthethwa appoints Master KG and Nomcebo as ambassadors to the world 

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Sport, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa has appointed Master KG and Nomcebo to serve as ambassadors to the world.

The prestigious appointment was announced during a live virtual conversation with the artists.

The minister said the hit song brought social cohesion, and the department felt the pair aligned with their strategy.

The born artist Master KG and vocalist Nomcebo, featured on his global hit Jerusalema, has been making waves all over the world.

“We are happy you have put our country on the global map. You have used both song and dance to unite the whole world. We thank you for that.”

Master KG and Nomcebo thanked the minister for his support and vote of confidence.

“It’s an honour for us. We want to thank you for taking this moment to appreciate and recognise us,” Master KG said in the virtual “celebration” held on Zoom.

The department’s spokesperson Masechaba Ndlovu confirmed the appointment.

“Congratulations to Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode, who have been appointed our ambassadors to the world by minister Nathi Mthethwa. The department  has a ‘Cultural Diplomacy Programme’ where we take artists from South Africa to other countries for a period of time to showcase our creativity.”

Limpopo-born star Rami Chuene and poet Lebo Mashile were among the first to congratulate Master KG and Nomcebo on their appointments. They expressed how proud they were of Master KG and what his song has done on the global stage.

However, the two also expressed their disappointment about the minister’s alleged “parasitic” tendencies that see him “jump into engagement” when artists do well on the global stage, but fails to engage the struggles of artists with the same vigour.

“What Master KG has achieved is wonderful. Congrats! He does not deserve to have his achievement hijacked. Why has the minister not given artists a chance to speak to him directly in the last five months?” Lebo asked.

Lebo said artists were suffering, and some were even suicidal, due to their financial stresses and many other struggles the minister has failed to adequately address.

Rami echoed Lebo’s concern: “But you know this is the only kind of engagement our minister likes.

“I’m honestly tired of fighting with minister Nathi wena Lebo. In fact, saying ‘ I’m tired’ is an understatement,” Rami said.

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