Tale signs of an emotional disconnected relationship

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It is very heartbreaking to see two people who loved each other so much slowly drift apart, but it is how things are sometimes.

Differences start to creep up slowly and when you become aware of how much things have changed, it is already too late to do anything to salvage the relationship.

Such a situation can be really hard and distressful. When you no longer feel the same amount of love and affection for your significant other, it tends to leave you very confused and scared.

If you love your partner and want to save your relationship from falling apart, you should be on the lookout for these signs. If you take measures to remove the issues, you may end up saving your relationship.

Here are the tale signs of an emotional disconnected relationship you should look out to:

No longer shares his/her problems with you

If you notice that your spouse has started handling his/her issues and problems on their own, and they no longer come to you when they are disturbed or in stress, you should know that something is definitely wrong with your relationship.

Unmoved by a show of emotions

If you try to gain the attention of your partner by being overly emotional, i.e. by being angry or welling up and crying, and all this leaves your partner unmoved, you should know that your partner has become emotionally hardened.

No longer spends time with you

If they find an excuse every time you suggest spending some quality time together, you should know that something is up.

Indifferent to solving conflicts mutually

If you have an issue and you feel as if you are the only one putting in some effort to resolve the conflict, you should hear the warning bells ringing in the back of your mind.

Loss of interest in you

If you are telling your partner about something exciting that happened to you, or if you are sharing your woes and troubles with your partner, and they show a lack of interest instead of actively participating in the conversation with you, you should know that there is trouble in paradise.

Lack of interest in sex

If your sex life seems to have fizzled out, and you feel like your partner is no longer interested in sex, and is making up excuses to stay out of bed, you should know that everything is not okay and normal in your marriage.

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