Video: CCTV captures kidnapping scene at Johannesburg restaurant

CCTV camera captures the moment when Mohamed Zedan was abducted

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Mohamed Zedan victim who went missing on Tuesday night was last seen at a Mochachos eatery near Fordsburg, in the heart of Johannesburg.

The police have been searching for the victim since the incident.

It’s understood that he was picked up at gunpoint by the kidnappers, who bundled him into a black Toyota shortly before midnight on 28 July. A total of four suspects are wanted in connection with this incident.

Earlier on Wednesday, CCTV of the shocking incident made its way online. It showed the last known whereabouts of the victim.

According to the video, Zedan can be seen sitting at a table with someone that seemed to be a friend, but the picture soon changes dramatically. Another male, in a black and orange top, walked in and went towards Zedan and his supposed friend.

The man sitted with Zedan stood up which showed that he knew about the plan, and the other man pulled out a gun and pointed against the target who was in between the two accomplices.

Anti-crime advocate Yusuf Abramjee posted the footage on his Twitter account.

Watch the video here:


The CCTV camera can help the police locate the Kidnappers. They also have the license plate number for the car used in the getaway. However, SAPS have appealed to witnesses to come forward, imploring those with information to anonymously contact 10111.

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