Frederick Nwabufo: ‘Flip-by-turn presidency’ – Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba don’t personal Nigeria

Nigeria is the collective heritage of about 200 million other people of numerous ethnic backgrounds and tongues. There are over 250 ethnic nationalities unfold around the nation. Nigeria does no longer belong most effective to the Igbo, the Hausa and the Yoruba. Sadly, those 3 so-called ‘’primary ethnic teams’’ have outlined the political and financial actualities of the rustic since independence.

Even a few of the ‘’large 3’’, there are splinter teams of distinct cosmology. Once more, Nigeria does no longer belong most effective to the Igbo, the Hausa and the Yoruba. It belongs to each and every staff subsisting within the entity regardless of inhabitants dimension. However unfortunately, those different ethnic nationalities have no longer been allowed the participatory probability of defining their future. Their voices are minimized by way of the cacophony of the louder teams.

In relation to power-sharing and distribution of the typical wealth, the ‘’large 3’’ come into contest, that includes prominently at the desk. It’s all the time about what the Igbo need; what the Hausa need and what the Yoruba need, however by no means about what different Nigerians whose voices are attenuated need. This isn’t how to succeed in nationhood.

Have we requested what different 247 ethnic teams and extra need? I do know the argument might be that they have got representatives in parliament who talk for them. However how tenable is that argument when the political distribution is already ponderously skewed in opposition to them? And the smug assumption is that their hobby is already sheltered within the better hobby of the dominant teams.

“The failings of giants’’ – that is the abstraction of the Nigerian scenario. The belief that each one shall be neatly with the rustic so long as the ‘’large 3’’ are catered to, ignoring the composite entire. We as soon as witnessed the rebellion by way of the Ijaw, who’re regarded as a minority by way of Nigeria’s definition, within the Niger Delta. We plod away on a tripartite equation looking for the X of our nationwide issues of an abridged formulation.

Our issues are nationwide and no longer sectional; the answers don’t pivot across the ‘’large 3’’. I will have to say, the issues of the rustic nowadays and because independence are the craft of the Igbo, the Yoruba and the Hausa. That Nigeria has remained within the doldrums is in large part by way of the units of the ‘’large 3’’. Let me rephrase. The Igbo, the Hausa and the Yoruba are the reason for Nigeria’s issues.

I’ve come to keep in mind that tribalism is extra a lot pronounced a few of the ‘’large 3’’. The dangerous competition, hate-mongering and recriminations amongst those 3 teams had been the bane of Nigeria’s solidarity. The detest is flippantly allotted a few of the 3.

The 2023 presidency debate is heating up, and as same old the argument oscillates a few of the ‘’large 3’’ as though the rustic is their private property. Why are the TIV and the Idoma in Benue no longer in center of attention; why are the Isoko and the Urhobo in Delta no longer within the equation? Why are the Ilaje in Ondo and the Esan in Edo no longer at the desk? And why are the Kanuri, the Manga and Bede in Borno no longer within the discourse?

As I’ve all the time held, Nigeria wishes a Nigerian president in 2023. We want nationwide answers to our nationwide issues, and just a competent management can ship the products. Ethnic politics has failed us for the reason that starting of our union as a rustic. The primitive ‘’turn-by-turn’’ presidency in accordance with ethnic ordering will most effective lead us additional down the foundering trail.

But when we’re so set at the primordial association, then all of the 250 ethnic teams and extra must have a shot on the presidency. In spite of everything, there are competent Nigerians in each and every staff. Nigeria belongs to all people – large or small.

Let me finish with a quote from my earlier article: ‘’we want a Nigerian management to foster a way of nationhood a few of the variegated peoples of the rustic. The extra we emphasise ethnicity and faith in our politics the additional we’re divided alongside those devious strains. Nigerians desire a Nigerian president in 2023 no longer — an Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa or Fulani president — a pace-setter who has been examined with duty and management; a president for all. Those other people aren’t in brief provide right here.’’

Fredrick Nwabufo is a creator and journalist
Twitter: @FredrickNwabufo

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