Oludayo Tade: Fani-Kayode’s vainglory and ruling elegance tyranny

“..Robust other folks galvanize and intimidate by means of announcing much less. The extra you are saying, the much more likely you might be to mention one thing silly”(Robert Inexperienced, The 48 Rules of Energy)

The crass omit for other folks within the lowest rung of the stratification device defines the nature of the Nigerian society. This can be a device of subordination the place may makes proper and the seeming ‘worthlessness’ of the loads or not unusual guy is shamelessly uttered by means of those that have benefitted and extracted advantages from the device and are chargeable for the state of quagmire which the society has been plunged into.

Whether or not the usage of ‘umbrella’ in wet or sunny occasions or busy ‘sweeping’ monies into their deep wallet, only a few of the ruling elegance regard their other folks; majority are exploitative of their talks and domineering of their social family members.

Their communications are laced with vanity, danger and intimidation; all orientated against silencing damaging tunes. Forgetful of the device of presidency in position, they silence via their anti-democratic rules and cramp lively voices into detention.

Those parasitic elites whose milking of the average patrimony is the one credentials they may be able to painting are unhappy to peer any individual convey them to responsibility. That is the sorrowful story within the viral video of a former Minister Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) the place he hurled insults at the Day by day Consider Journalist, Eyo Charles for bold to present him a chance to transparent the air at the motivation for his venture inspection in sure a part of the rustic and who ‘bankrolled’ the shuttle and in what capability.

He misplaced the chance given to him to state his personal aspect of the tale. He misplaced the instant to polish with egoistic vituperations, vainglory and unsound reaction.

Nigeria’s ruling elegance have very little regard for his or her other folks and are in a position to unharness this reckless personality anytime. The device of intimidation deployed by means of FFK was once that he was once a former Minister with political historical past from 1990, former Senior Particular Assistant and a attorney.

Out and in of place of work, his journeys display he nonetheless holds the levers of energy and benefit from the ideological state safety equipment and are in a position to intimidate any individual who dares to invite him to what honour can we owe his venture analysis journeys. Any person who is excited to look sooner than the clicking for them to hear him is gloomy to be answerable and grew to become it to what past due Fela Anikulapo known as roforofo combat with a innocuous journalist.

Robert Inexperienced’s 48 rules of energy counsels the robust to “at all times say lower than vital” as a result of “the extra you are saying, the much more likely you might be to mention one thing silly”. Sadly, FFK dared to talk are living pondering everybody can be unreflective of their overview of the moral expectancies of any individual of his calibre.

It sounds as if missing significant reaction, he confirmed his helplessness by means of resorting to make use of his erstwhile political place (Are you aware who you might be speaking to? Bankroll who? a former Minister; a attorney?), his dating with media homeowners (“I can file you on your writer”) and financial standing (“It’s not that i am a deficient guy, It’s not that i am deficient and I can by no means be”) to intimidate everybody to silence. Sadly, he was once no longer appreciative of the truth that a “cushy resolution turns away wrath, however a harsh phrase stirs up anger” (Proverbs 15: 1) as a result of whoever assists in keeping his mouth and tongue assists in keeping himself out of bother (Proverbs 21:23).

Certainly, just a guy of little wisdom talks greater than vital as a result of “whoever restrains his phrases has wisdom, and he who has a groovy spirit is a person of working out” (Proverbs 17:27). Whilst no human being can tame the tongue as a result of this is a stressed evil that is stuffed with poison (James 3:8), it’s instructed we’re fast to listen to, gradual to talk and gradual to anger (James 1:19).

FFK’s “are you aware who you might be speaking to?” dramaturgy reminds us of equivalent efficiency of a former labour chief grew to become flesh presser, Adams Oshiomole who ought to realize other folks’s struggling however with energy, he misplaced the empathy and requested a deficient widow within the town of Edo to “pass and die”. He additionally described any individual as “silly”.

The ‘slapping Senator’, Elisha Abbo may just no longer have a lowly positioned retailer attendant communicate to him anyways and should humiliate her with ‘grimy slaps’. He’s additionally mentioned that the girl was once “very silly”.

However the commercial and social energy Yinka Ayefele instructions, a former Governor of Oyo State, Past due Senator Abiola Ajimobi nonetheless dressed him down owing to incapacity after the demolition of his track area. To him, Ayefele ought to not get preferential remedy as a result of he was once an employer of labour as a result of ‘thieves additionally make use of other folks’.

Identical to his forerunners have been handled with public condemnation and related backlashes, FFK was once additionally no longer spared for guiding a ‘very silly’ film.

This ‘bigmanism’ is what deficient other folks have reproduced in “I higher move my neighbour”, a personality of unveiling superiority over someone else or making existence tough for them. This tyrannical behavior of disrespect is not just within the political realm however has robust presence within the circle of relatives the place may makes proper tradition is nurtured to provide disrespectful, uncouth characters and unsympathetic voters who lord it over other folks whether or not in Church, Mosque, Media area, Tutorial establishments, organisations amongst others.

What FFK’s low moral public behavior unveils is how the fourth property of the area is being stifled to do the bidding of the ruling elegance — an business in large part managed by means of the political elegance and their industry buddies. Excellent sufficient, Day by day Consider control stood at the back of their guy.

Sadly, it isn’t most effective FFK’s behavior this is condemnable however the ones of newshounds provide on the press briefing who noticed no want to write a tale at the attack on their career and intimidation of one among them. A few of them have been even blaming the person who requested the query.

This is the reason it took greater than 72hours for every other media area to free up the visible since the match was once ‘bankrolled’ and they’d were begged to ‘kill’ that phase whilst their colleague’s esteem and journalism is assaulted. Those that fail to problem their oppression will proceed to be subordinated and intimidated.

The robust will proceed to make use of the tools of the state to best possible the intimidation of the loads except they’re challenged. Tyrannous characters are in each social establishment but when we dread them, we develop into slaves for are living.

From the general public condemnation and the battered ego which greeted the vainglorious Femi Fani-Kayode, we’re all counselled to admire everybody regardless of their social standing and recognize the knowledge in being fast to listen to, gradual to talk and gradual to anger.

Tade (PhD) a sociologist despatched this piece by means of [email protected]

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